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We're the best in printed tiles. You supply the vision, and we'll do the rest.

Your swimming Pool Will Look Amazing!

What We Produce

It all starts with an idea.

Some want their hotel logo in the swimming pool - others want a dolphin or shark or mermaid.  If you are building or renovating your concrete pool, you can add 2" swimming pool tile (used for years as white tile for swimming pools) but we print your photograph or image on them.


Maybe you only know that you want...something. That's all we need to go on. We're experts at consultative and creative solutions. Give us a feeling, a color, anything and we'll design a custom solution that's equal parts beautiful, functional, and maintainable.

No wallflowers, here.

Like working with a smart, dedicated team of professionals who offer creative solutions to your swimming pool 'look' ? Look no further than Printed Photo Tiles for Swimming Pools.


Paris Group Inc are the leaders in manufacturing customized tiles in full color. And if the environment is important to you (it is to us) our environmental footprint is one of the smallest with most of our ink being food safe (so we can print on dinner plates)

Out Door Swimming Pool Tile also Indoor (if you can do outdoor then indoor is easy)
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