• Any size you want.
  • Full Color
  • Detailed up to 1200 dpi
  • Scratch Proof
  • UV Proof - Sun Wont Make It Fade
  • No Minimum Order (small is okay)
  • Not only pool floors/walls but also shower area and spa.
  • Any photo or picture you use will be noticed, in your pool.

Gritted Finished 2 inch Swimming Pool Tile.

Full Color 2 inch tiles for swimming pools

Or any pattern you want.

This pattern with a touch of Ocean Blue can go in the pool or around the pool (shower or spa area)

3 Types of 2 inch swimming Pool Tile

Smooth Glossy Finished 2 inch Swimming Pool Tile.

Amazing Swimming Pool Photo Tiles - we can make you -yours!

We take swimming pool 2 inch ceramic tile (we use 3 types primarily) and print your image or photograph in any size you want on these tiles. Making your swimming pool come alive!

Meaning the surface of the tile where you would be stepping on has a rough finish making it slip resistant. The close-up of the printed tile of the dolphins fin shows slight grit marks, these are rough to touch. Not sharp at all, but with texture and you can feel that it wouldn't be very slippery.

2 inch swimming pool tile with

gritted texture finish.

Smooth Matte Finished 2 inch Swimming Pool Tile.

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